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Seashell offers digital memories, sort of...

May 1, 2003 — When I first read the title of [link http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/2985063.stm]this BBC article[/link], I thought someone had found a way to store data on shells, but I guess I have to wait a bit more for that.

The concept in the article is interesting enough to make you wonder if this technology would be of any use. The ability to link objects to data sounds like a nice idea, but in the past years we have been moving to digital storage methods more and more to get rid of the bulky archives and enjoy the freedom of storage media free of natural decomposing processes. In that way, it seems like a reverse process, sort of...

Another thing I wondered about is the flexibility of the scanning device. Sure, it's a nice idea to link a toy firetruck to birthday memories, but what if the firetruck loses it's color or a wheel? Not every toy is a Tonka.

All in all, it made me wonder what the best way to store and associate data should be. I had some ideas, but not sure if technology or humanity is ready for them yet :)

Dylan says:

I agree about the flexibility of this system. What if you lost the original shell? Could you put another shell there?

The article does have a good point about people's use of storage these days. Mass storage is so cheap these days. It's very easy to fill up a huge hard drive with media that you may never see again.

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